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Kryptopet Metaverse is an online RPG game, powered by the ethereum blockchain. Climb the ranks and challenge your foes.

| Latest news & development

Relaunch of the website - Part II

November 2022

Almost finished! New website, and we expect to finalize our effort towards a recognizable brand, and to prepare for the game development updates soon.
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Relaunch of the website - Part I

October 2022

The rebranding effort is on track. Our strategy is to bring a new look and feel for the Kryptopets game UI, and we launched a new website with an updated branding.
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5 New Kryptopets types!

September 2022

We are happy to introduce 5 new types for the Kryptopets Metaverse: Poison, Dragon, Insect, Combat and Normal are the new one joining the already rebranded familly of Kryptopets!
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Branding Update - Part X

August 2022

Just uncovered the last of the new Kryptopets type rebranding: Steel!
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| Game Beta

Battle UI Teaser

Play to earn

Battle your foes, climb the ranks and earn in-game items which can be sold on the marketplace.

Harness the training

Power up your Kryptopets abilities with different trainings to maximise your chances of winning.

Collect and trade

Buy and sell Kryptopets and items on the marketplace to build the ultimate team for your own style of gameplay.

| Learn

Easy to play, hard to master

Read up on our how to play and game logic, collect, battle and trade your Kryptopets and items to create the strongest team to defeat your foes.

How to play

| Explore

The Metaverse of Idophia

Idophia is a fantastic universe consisting of a still unaccountable number of island planets where Kryptopets thrive and evolve into incredible beasts.


| Game Beta

Dashboard UI Teaser



Release KPET token
Website V1 release
CG listing

Alpha game release
Marketplace and items


Kryptopets asset expansion
Website V2 release
New Game UI

Brewlabs integration
Staking Pools


New UI Alpha game re-release
Training, Caring and Minting
Avatar Minting
New NFT assets

Exchange listing expansion
Kryptopets merch store launch
CMC listing



Beta testing of the game for selected community members (Bug tests, KPET network tests, Mobile tests)
Brewlabs game integration
Metaverse integration
PVE gameplay
Daily missions & Quests
Legendary Kryptopets

Exchange listing expansion
Further marketing expansion into mainstream sectors
External Partners addition


GPVP & tournaments
Fight againts other players and participate in tournaments
Launch on mobile
Expansion of customizable land and assets
Launch of the KPET DAO (Enabling community driven updates to the game)

Exchange listing expansion
Onboarding of Twitch partners for extended launch promotion extended YouTube marketing campaign
Exchange listing expansion
Physical game merch release

Enter the Kryptopet Metaverse

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